Spa Services

Our trained massage therapist is happy to customize any massage to suit your needs. Massage services can also be turned into an aromatherapy experience- please see our list of essentail oils to enhance your journey.

When visiting the spa area, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete any necessary client information and prepare for service. Relax in our quiet area.





Swedish Relaxation Massage  60 min    $39
A truly traditional massage designed to relax everyday muscle tension and stimulate circulation. Regulated pressure and long, strong movements effectively ease aching backs and limbs.

Deep Tissue Massage  60 min    $49
If you require deeper work this massage is effective in achieving that level of relief sought after strenuous activity. Special techniques and deep pressure are incorporated to relieve overworked muscles.

Hot Stone Massage  90 min  $69
Heated basalt stones (common volcanic rock) are used in combination with massage techniques for effective heat therapy to relax muscles and enhance relaxation.

Leg Massage  30 min   $19  
Great for runners, focuses on all leg muscle groups.

Upper Body Massage  45 min  $30
Concentrates on shoulders, back, arms, head and neck. A good way to relieve tension.

Scalp Massage  20 min   $19
Basic scalp manipulation to relieve overall stress and tension.

Foot Reflexology  30 min  $27
A healing technique focusing on the pressure points of the foot which correspond to various areas of the body.


Get Serious, Get a Series!
Many of our waxing, nail, massage and facial services can be received at a discount when purchased in a series.



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